Split between two timelines. The story follows a scientist, Played by Tino (Purple Disco Machine), who seeks help from a slick’n’stylish detective. The mission? rescue featured artist Eyelar from the year 2021, and bring her back to 1982. The music video pays homage to 80s cop and sci-fi films.

Where’s the interest in comedy coming from in your work?

I know that some of the work  I do tends to be more serious, so when given the chance to do something lighter I jump at it. I think there's something nice about making work that's fun and self aware. I spend a lot of my time goofing around, so comedy is something that very much lives inside. And hey, I'm a funny guy... you know that :)

How has humour influenced Dopamine? When we first read the treatment, we caught ourselves giggling and calling it ridiculous!!!

The goal here was to honor the 80's and not make fun of it... but the piece still had to be funny. So there lay the challenge. I wrote a goofy story, but to really hit that balance I treated every aspect of it as if it was a serious story, hoping that would result in what the brief required. I think it worked. I mean it's still ridiculous. It just good fun and that's what matters the most to me.

Recreating the 80s, do you have a connection to the era, what were some real threats about that idea?

I was born in 1990, I'm not an 80's kid. But I did grow up on movies like “Back to the Future”, “Total Recall”, “RoboCop” etc. I wouldn't say I have a connection, but I love the entire aesthetic of that era. I've experimented with it before but never to this extent.  I knew that Tino (Purple Disco Machine) was a nerd about it so I wanted to capture this as accurately as I could. I watched alot of 80's movies leading up to the shoot to brush up on the style and camera work they used. There's alot of zooms..... alot of zooms.

How does the music influence your visual choices? Does it matter at all?

Yes, it totally does. The track is the reason I agreed to pitch on the job. I loved the whole nostalgic campy vibe of the track. It was just a whole lot of fun and images started flooding into my head. The track really has to resonate with me in order for me to be inspired. I've never pitched on a track that I hated. Okay... maybe once... I needed some money...

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