Adam Munnings

Vaugahyde is our latest collaboration with Adam Munnings which premiered on Paper Magazine:

The 16mm film showcases a whole cast of wonderfully unique characters dressed from head to toe in the most lavish outfits, with the camera staying put and rolling on as the collection of bodies intimately comes together. "Sweaty bodies and open minds," disembodied voices chant. "We are sexual, not sexualized. Kinky, not your kink. Vaugahyde is raw and honest, rooted in the liberation that the scene provides the city’s marginalized groups..."

Director's cut




.Lead Producer

.Creative Producer

.Executive Producer



.Sound Design



Adam Munnings

Marco Schott

Phoenix Chase-Meares

Katerina Temkina

Stephanos Pantelas

Andrew Holmes

Nadia Kharait

Thor Rixon


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