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Jana Federov a.k.a Xuli is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist with Russian roots. It has been a long journey where she comes from: moving from Kazakhstan to Germany, when she was only 6 years old, together with her parents without knowing the language or the culture; living in a camp for 1,5 years in Regensburg in a 3 room apartment together with 2 other families; constantly moving from cities to cities. Her Art is hugely influenced by her personal story and experiences.

“All these things that I do and show - people feel and recognise it, because they see that it is real. That I am not trying to be something that I am not.”

Her Style reflects the story of oppression - a little bit tough, a little bit raw. In her own words “it is not Conventionally  pretty”, but it represents her background, tells a story and she wants to inspire people with it.

“It is not easy but it is worth it. I can’t imagine doing something else.”

She studied Visual Arts and Design in Hamburg, since then she works as a Freelance Artist for musicians, brands and in the sector of contemporary arts. Jana is super into DIY, handcrafted style of working - making her own tools, experimenting with different materials like concrete or metal.

Together with Bonaparte, Jana worked on a series of different projects, including creating a new Logo Design, Director’s Illustrations, Office Mural and Customised Zippos. She created the whole Identity with a tool called Cola Pen that she made herself.

“It is super messy what comes out in the end. I love it - this imperfections, expressions, little mistakes. This tool is not so perfect, but what comes out in the end is unique.”

Concept and Realisation

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